Photo Mania COVID Policy

COVID Policy

While we wait for this crisis to pass, I wanted to let you know what steps our company is taking at the moment to keep our staff as well as our clients and their guests safe. First, we will reach out to your venue to have clear expectations for our disc jockey and photobooth operations while at your event. While we feel it’s important to make an early reminder announcement regarding social distancing, the availability of masks and hand sanitizer, we don’t want to be in the role of policing your guests with repetitious announcements.

Please see below for additional steps being taken.

  • Staff shall take their own temperature before picking up equipment or leaving for the event.
  • Hand sanitizer gel and wipes are available for all of our staff at the event.
  • Staff is required to practice respiratory etiquette, including covering coughs and sneezes.
  • We discourage staff from using other persons’ phones, tools or personal items.
  • Staff shall disinfect all areas of our equipment that guests have contact with using disinfecting wipes/or sprays, or utilizing the BeamCare UVC SMART sterilization lamp. During this time, only hard surface photo booth props are being used. Microphones will use disposable covers and be wiped down with disinfecting wipes as needed.
  • Social Distance: staff should maintain a six foot distance and practice social distancing as work duties permit at the event. If not, then a mask is required.

We can connect over a FaceTime or phone call if you have any questions. Remember, we’re here to help. Please stay safe.